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Second Date Update: Tim didn’t hold back when it came to his feelings about Jenna. He had a problem with her wardrobe that she wore on their date. First he called her shirt “frumpy” and then he described her jeans as “mom jeans.” Obviously Jenna found this surprising and defended her outfit. It should be noted that the high waisted/baggy jeans that he was talking about are very popular with women. Jenna sounded very sweet to us and we felt like Tim was being incredibly shallow. However for Tim it was a no go because he had a problem with her wardrobe.

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13 Craziest Florida Man Stories Of 2022

Florida man has been up to no good in 2022. This year was extremely unpredictable, but we can always count on Florida man making crazy headlines. Can’t say we’re surprised, it’s what we’re (the state of Florida) is known for. There are tons of unbelievable headlines out there about situations that have bewildered everyone.

Nobody does it like Florida man. There are crazy stories involving drugs, alcohol,  a lot of shrimp, lawnmowers, alligators, and more. If the crime itself wasn’t baffling, Florida man made a way to make headlines. A couple of crazy stories include telling cops the truth and blaming ghosts for their bad behavior. It was hard to narrow down, but here are the top 13 craziest Florida man stories we covered in 2022.

  • Most Creative Use Of A Food Item

    Florida Man Uses Ramen Noodles As A Weapon
  • An Honest Criminal

    Florida Man In Largo Tells Police “Just Take Me To Jail”
  • Only In Florida

    Florida Man Busted With Guns, Drugs, And Baby Alligator In Truck
  • Oh Crap!

    Unique Piece Of Evidence Helps Police Finger Florida Man In Robbery
  • Not Cool Bro...Literally

    Florida Man Busted For Stealing His Twin Brother’s Identity
  • Try Bayshore Blvd. Next Time

    Florida Man Arrested For Riding Dirt Bike On Airport Tarmac
  • Well, This Is A Look

    Check Out What This Florida Man Was Wearing When He Got Arrested
  • Don't Try This At Home Or On I-75

    Hey, Is That A Naked Florida Man On Top Of That 18 Wheeler?
  • At Least One Of These Stories A Year

    Florida Man Uses Riding Lawn Mower To Escape From Deputies
  • This IS Not 'Game Of Thrones'!

    Florida Man Wields 3-Foot Sword At Deputies During Traffic Stop
  • It Wasn't Me!

    Florida Man Driving Car With 2 Missing Tires Blames It On Paranormal Activity
  • What Is He Going To Do With All That Shrimp?

    Why Did This Florida Man Steal 85 Pounds Of Shrimp?
  • Don't Forget To Take Out The Trash!

    Florida Man Has A Great Time In Someone Else’s Vacation Rental