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Jordan recognizes her friend, neighbor and a Sarasota Nurse Practitioner for First Responder Friday this week. Danielle is Jordan’s best friend and she told us about her. Danielle started out as a labor and delivery nurse and then worked in the ER. Now, she specialized in gastroenterology.

Jordan told us what they like to do when Danielle isn’t working. Jordan says, “Well, we love to go to concerts. We love having beach days, although we haven’t had one of in a while. Both of us are kind of home body, so we love to hang out and just hang out with our families together and listen to music and just talk.”

Congrats to Danielle, the Sarasota Nurse Practitioner, as she receive a $100 Visa gift card from Crown Buick GMC . She also gets another $100 Visa gift card from Demesmin & Dover Law Firm.

Every Friday we honor a first responder in Tampa Bay. Do you have someone in your life that is a first responder? Someone that you admire, a relative, a friend? Whoever it is that you want to spotlight. We want to hear from you, and you can nominate someone right now by doing so HERE. The nomination process takes about five minutes. Once you nominate someone we will be in touch with you to schedule a call with you.

Your State Quarters Could Be Worth $55 Or More

Your state quarters could be worth $55 or more. Odds are, that your quarters are actually only worth 25 cents but if it’s in mint condition you could get even more. Some are going for one dollar and even up to $55 for them.

Here’s how you can easily check, the U.S. Mint State Quarters were made between 1999 to 2008. Each year five states released one coin.  These coins have one of three markings with the letter D, P and S. Each letter signifies where they were minted D is for Denver Mint. P is for Philadelphia Mint and an S is for the San Francisco Mint. Coins marked with an S, are silver-proof and worth way more than the other than D or P coins. Also, if you have a full set of silver-proof coins it could be worth over $1,500. Check your state quarters below to see how much they’re worth according to coin tracker.

Florida‘s quarter isn’t one of the highest priced, but it could buy you lunch. Check out the full list, here.


  • Alabama

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 “S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • California

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Colorado

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Connecticut

    “P”-$3.5 “D“-$3.5 “S“-$8 “S”(Silver)-$50

  • Florida

    “P”-$1.35 “D“-$1.35 “S“-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Georgia

    “P”-$3.5 “D“-$3.5 S”-$8 “S”(Silver)-$48

  • Illinois

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$10 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Indiana

    P“-$2 “D“-$1 “S“-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Iowa

    “P”-$1.35 “D“-$1.35 “S“-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Kansas

    “P”-$1.85 “D“-$2 S”-$7 “S”(Silver)-$12

  • Kentucky

    “P”-$1.85 “D“-$2 S”-$7 “S”(Silver)-$12

  • Louisiana

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Maine

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Michigan

    “P”-$1.35 “D“-$1.35 “S“-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Minnesota

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$11

  • Mississippi

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Nevada

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • New Jersey

    “P”-$3.50 “D“-$3.50 S”-$8 “S”(Silver)-$50

  • North Dakota

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Pennsylvania

    “P”-$3.50 “D“-$3.50 “S“-$8 “S”(Silver)-$55

  • Rhode Island

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • South Dakota

    “P”-$1.1 “D“-$1.1 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Tennessee

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

  • Vermont

    “P”-$1.75 “D“-$1.75 S”-$6 “S”(Silver)-$15

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