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Video captured a man dressed as a Christmas tree damaging cars. It’s one thing to be in the Christmas spirit. But another altogether to Grinch it all up. This story out of Poland has cops trying to track down a vandal who can best be described as seasonal, festive, and evergreen. He’s NOT a Florida Man, but as you can see in the video he IS dressed like a Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree slasher allegedly destroyed the tires of 21 vehicles. A spokesperson told cops the man was captured on surveillance camera loitering around the facility and then covering himself in branches taken from nearby pine trees. He’s then seen cutting a hole in the fence, walking into the parking lot, and puncturing tires on the vehicles. Police have released the video footage in the hopes that someone will recognize the coniferous criminal. It’s a brilliant seasonal disguise. But, I don’t expect anyone is going to call the police and say, “I recognize that Christmas tree.” [Source:]