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Florida Man Busted for slapping horse in St Pete. Um. This horse is an officer of the law. Mounted officer said he witnessed 27 year old Alisha Lalani of Odessa walk up and slap another police horse on the backside with an open hand. Just so you know, dumb and dangerous. Happened on Central and 3rd St. N about 2am…so, maybe other factors involved?

Cop said, “[Lalani] walked behind my partner, who was also riding a police horse when I observed him slap the rear end of my partners police horse with an open hand.” Florida Man was charged with battery on a police horse. He also said “didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to hit the horses.” So. Maybe you can fix stupid. Here’s your chance. LOL. Fun memory. I had a friend slap one of our horses on the butt back in high school. We rode these horses every day. He only lost 6 teeth.  Come to think of it…that horse actually did fix stupid. NewsChannel8