Is it ever too early or too late to put up your Christmas lights? Of course, someone did a study and figured out when each state decorates for the season.

The website House Method  surveyed 3,930 Americans and came up with plenty of insight when it came to Yuletide decorating. There are no hard and fast rules on when to start decorating, but in 34 out of the 50 states hanging your Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving is too early.

Delaware takes the prize for the earliest with residents planning on hanging up their lights in October. The state where residents are the latest to put up Christmas lights is Connecticut. Where did the Sunshine State end up? According to the survey, the first day to display Christmas lights in Florida is most commonly Black Friday.

In case you were wondering 4% of Americans say they leave their Christmas lights up all year. You can check out the entire survey here. [SOURCE News Channel 8]

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