Will you be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday? We have a local band representing Tampa Bay!

Congratulations to the Tarpon Springs High School Outdoor Performance Ensemble as they will be performing at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. They are one of nine bands to perform at the parade and have spent the last 18 months getting ready. Practice makes perfect! This past Friday they did a mock run with an audience of friends and family. Then, they leave for New York TODAY! Sylvia Beach, a 16-year-old senior in the band said, “I’ve watched it almost every year since I can remember, and it’s just kind of crazy I get to be a part of it for the very first time. I get to be one of those people you get to see on the TV.”

The band was accepted to the parade in 2019 but due to the pandemic the performance was delayed in 2022. This will be the second time Tarpon Springs High School has performed at the parade.

We wish them the best of luck as they make us proud marching down the New York City streets. It is definitely a big honor to be invited and even more noteworthy that they have been waiting since 2019 to make Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance. New York weather looks pretty good, it will be sunny with a high of 51 and low of 34. Not Florida weather but really great for Thanksgiving Day in New York City!


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