It appears as though the recent hurricanes to hit the Sunshine State have stirred up things from the deep. A mysterious steamer trunk has washed up on a Florida beach.

Tangled in the roots of a fallen tree is a mystery. At Fort Matanzas National Monument in St. John’s County, a steamer trunk from the 1930s has emerged from the watery depths. Well worn and rusted, this “body-sized” box from a bygone era has people wondering where it came from and what were its contents.

According to the tag attached to it, this ‘Neverbreak Trunks’ steamer trunk was made by L. Goldsmith & Son of Newark New Jersey back in the 1930s.

If you look closely, you’ll see a sandbag tied to it.  When asked what were the contents of the steamer trunk, all the national park service said was “nothing of interest.” Hmmm.

Ah yes, let the questions begin. Was this trunk on a ship that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, maybe in the Bermuda Triangle? Did this steamer trunk reside in a house that was washed away by the hurricanes that recently hit Florida? So, when it was opened the trunk was filled with sand!

We’re not buying that a trunk was originally filled with sand when it was sent into the deep. There’s something more to this story. Hopefully someone will dive further into this mysterious steamer trunk. [SOURCE Miami Herald/ East Coast Mike O’Meally]

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