If you don’t know already, we’re big fans of Tampa International Airport. We could go on for hours about how great our airport is but we won’t bore you. One of the standouts about Tampa International Airport (TPA) is its social media accounts. The posts are so good, timely, and funny, they almost give the airport it’s own personality.

Who is the person behind Tampa airport’s social media? The online voice for TPA is communications specialist C.J. Johnson. He’s the one creating those engaging social media posts. Johnson puts the pulse of TPA online for all to see. Every nook and cranny of the airport has the potential for great online content.

Johnson is on an airport adventure everyday. “No matter how long you are at the airport, there’s almost always something you’re going to learn, and I’m almost always finding out new things here,” said Johnson. He also gets to tell great tales of passengers passing through TPA. “We had a WWII veteran, named Spike, who came through here a couple of months ago. He was flying back to Normandy to march in a parade, and it was just a cool experience to meet someone. Literally, a legend and I get to help share his story on social media,” said Johnson.

From Throwback Thursday to witty new destination announcements, Johnson has given TPA an online personality that makes our airport rise above the rest. If you’re not following TPA on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re missing out! [SOURCE Fox 13]

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