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World Cup no beer allowed Budweiser tweets “Well this is awkward.” The World Cup is billed as a month long party. The sale of alcohol in Qatar has long been heavily restricted. The country made a deal to allow sales in order to secure the FIFA World Cup tournament. And now, as we’re ready for kickoff, did a U-turn.

That’s a big punch to the gut for World Cup sponsor, Budweiser. Allowing stadium beer sales is a FIFA requirement.  As news spread about the change, Budweiser’s Twitter account tweeted: “Well, this is awkward …” The folks at Budweiser took the tweet down soon after. Now the plan is to sell nonalcoholic beer inside 8 stadiums during the cup. Other alcohol will be available inside but only in the luxury suites during games.

Alcoholic beer sales will be allowed at night time FIFA fan festivals. But, for now, most fans inside stadiums will be forced to watch soccer matches mostly sober. FIFI World Cup kicks off today in Qatar with France as the defending champion. Qatar faces Ecuador in the opener at 11am. The first USA game will be against Wales at 2pm Monday. You can watch on Fox. TBT