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What’s next for the GOAT how about coaching? Out of the question? Coach Brady! Maybe not. In a recent interview, Tom Brady talked about and gave his thoughts about being a head coach. These questions come into play after the Colts recently fired Frank Riech after nine games. Now, this led to Jeff Saturday taking the place of interim head coach. But, Saturday, a former Center has something quite a few coaches don’t have: on-the-field experience at the pro level.

If Saturday’s able to show some success, this could lead us to see more and more head coaches from the field. This means why not have the Quarterback with the most Championship experience come to coach any team? However, even if Saturday does well, Tom Brady may not want to do that. Tom Brady gave his thoughts about being a head coach on his Podcast Let’s Go! he said:

Obviously I have a lot of experience playing, I have a lot of knowledge and there’s, I’d say, a lot of capabilities to doing that. But the desire to do something like that is totally different. 

Now Brady also stated that it requires many of the same core ethics and traits to be a head coach as a player. But he also knows there are quite a few issues that Coaches see that never make it to the players’ level. He has all the right makings of a great head coach, but Coach Brady  is probably not going to happen. But, you never knowBuc’s