Luke Combs may be a stadium-selling country superstar, but he can relate to his audience. He knows what his fans go through to see one of his shows, and he appreciates it.

After winning Entertainer of the Year for the second year in a row at the CMA’s recently (11/9), Luke came backstage and told us why he does what he does. He explained, “There was a little girl in the audience, and she said, ‘Will you sing ‘Even Though I’m Leaving’ for my daddy in heaven.’ I remember reading that sign and being a dad now myself and just going, ‘This is why I step out here; it’s not for me, it’s not for the money, it’s not for the awards, it’s for the people that spend their hard-earned money and spend maybe the only Saturday night they go out for the whole year to come and see me.”

He added that he doesn’t take that for granted, “It’s not something that comes easy to afford. It could be a fifty-dollar ticket for three or four people and hotel rooms and babysitters and gas or flights or whatever it may be. I never want that to be forgotten because without everybody that’s in the audience; there is no show. It doesn’t matter how cool I think I am or how good the songs are, winning Entertainer of the Year; if nobody shows up, then the show doesn’t matter. That is something that I always try to remember, and I’ve always been really thankful for people spending their time with me and my band.”

Luke started selling tickets to his upcoming 2023 World Tour stadium dates, and they sold out as soon as they were available. Combs had the fastest sellouts at Arlington, Texas’s AT&T Stadium, and St. Louis, Missouri’s Busch Stadium, and the fastest sellout at Foxborough, Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium by a first-time performer in any genre.

His tour also ranks as one of the fastest-selling arena tours by a country artist in the U.K. He will play in Europe in September of 2023. It will be his third trip over there. His Stockholm show has moved to a larger venue to accommodate ticket demand.

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