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Publix Goes All Club Pub And Lets You Sip While You Shop. Let’s start at the FSU campus. The Publix in downtown Tallahassee is also known as “Club Pub” because it’s always been a cool place to meet new people on campus. And, um, the subs, pizza, and fried chicken. Now Publix is taking Club Pub to the actual club level. It’s called “Pours In Publix” and lets shoppers grab a wine or beer to enjoy while shopping. Brilliant? I think so too.  It seems to be a natural fit.

Just imagine wandering down the cheese aisle while sipping on a glass of moscato, or pitching a 5-pound bag of tortilla chips in your cart as you guzzle your favorite pint of craft IPA. In my case, I think I’ll just grab a Pub Sub along with a nice dark lager and sit cross-legged in the ice cream aisle. For the record, I don’t think that’s allowed. Pours at Publix was built so shoppers can drink beer, coffee, tea and wine as they fill their carts. Even smoothies are available.

While many locations don’t have Pours service in their stores yet, if you go to a Greenwise location, you’ll probably find it there. The Publix website says Pours service is available at anytime, while you grocery in the evening, on Sunday or whenever they are open. As of today, there are Pours stores in Orlando, Naples, Ormand Beach and Saint Augustine, which means that we in Tampa and St. Pete will have to wait a while. What do you think? Would you like to sip as you shop at Publix? Source: