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Tom Brady’s ex-wife is now his neighbor. She moved out. But, not far. Gisele Bundchen has decided she wants to keep an eye on Tom Brady as they both focus on raising their kids together while living apart. As you can see from the pics, Tom Brady’s soon-to-be swinging bachelor pad is opulent.

But some developments have taken place that could make things a bit awkward if and when Tom brings a ‘lady friend’ back to the MTV crib from now on. You see, someone just snapped up that little bungalow just across from Tom’s backyard. Gisele has bought the home right behind Tom’s! The supermodel ex-wife threw down $11.5 million dollars for the opportunity to keep up on Tom’s activities.

But let’s be honest here. It’s not a conspiracy of epic proportions. It’s not a case of stalker-status ex-wife drama. It’s purely an example of both parties doing their best to co-parent in a less-than-perfect situation. That’s admirable, and it’s rare these days. Gisele’s new pad features 6,600 square feet of living space and has a home theater, a gym and a huge playroom for the rug rats. Tom’s playpen will also have lots of cool features. Both properties have docks in the backyard, which will allow everyone to get back and forth from house to house easily. Source: TMZ.