When Luke Combs won the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award for the second consecutive year last night (11/9) at the CMA awards, he did the usual speech thanking those who helped him throughout his career and his family, including his wife and four and half month baby boy Tex at home. 

Backstage after his win, Combs didn’t elaborate on what he said, but he did say how much that country music made him happy after his second win in the top category, “It’s really, really hard to believe, honestly.” Then he recalled a recent rough day, “You know, I had a show a few weeks back, and I went out there, and you know, everybody has a tough day at work. You have things that happen outside of your work that affect you and your job, and I had a rough night a few weeks ago. I remember coming off stage and closing the green room for bout half an hour and sitting there by myself and taking stock of why I do what I do.”    

He added, “I never moved to this town to not have fun. I moved here to love what I do, and man, I have never loved it more than I do tonight and what I do every night that I step out on that stage, even when I have a rough night. I am truly, truly blessed, and I have a great team and a great family to thank for that.” 

 In winning the Entertainer of the Year twice, Luke joins an elite group of country music superstars that have won that honor more than once, including Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and more. 

Combs also won the significant Album of the Year award for his latest album, Growin’ Up

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