Carrie Underwood, her husband Mike Fisher, and their two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, got the NASA tour of a lifetime while they were in town for a show on Carrie’s tour last week, and Underwood took to her Instagram to share photos from the VIP tour at NASA in Houston.

Carrie posted many photos from the tour, including driving the NASA rover. She also shared photos of various space items. There were even images of them chatting in Houston’s control room with actual astronauts in space.

Underwood captioned the pictures, “Had the best day @nasa talking to astronauts in space, driving moon rovers, checking out space station replicas, and meeting some really cool people! Thanks to @astro_kimbrough and everyone there for showing us around and being so sweet to my boys (who may just end up being future astronauts)!!! #Houston #Space #BeamMeUp.”

Many fans responded to the post, including one who observed, “I see you wore your moon boots for the occasion. How napoleon dynamite of you! ;).”

Carrie’s husband Mike posted the same photos to his Instagram, writing, “Thank you @astro_kimbrough and @nasa for an incredible tour today! Driving the moon rover was pretty cool but being in Mission Control and talking to the astronauts in space was the highlight! @nasajohnson.”

One fan commented on his post, “Big brother’s arm around his little brother is the best one of them all.” Another said, “That’s awesome! My Dad was a member of Mission Control for Gemini and Apollo!”

Underwood also posted photos and video clips from her weekend shows in Texas, writing, “Austin, you guys came to party, and Houston was crazy fun! #Texas #DenimAndRhinestonesTour.”

One fan responded to the post, “I just love your outfits. You should do your own fashion apparel. You would do well with that.” Another fan wrote, “Best show ever! Texas loves you!! Come back soon!!” One more fan wrote, “I was there for Houston! What a masterpiece!”

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