Leslie Jordan co-hosts the announcement of nominees for the 94th Annual Academy Awardson February 08, 2022

The world has been mourning  the passing of Leslie Jordan for the last couple of weeks.  Of course, his work is  still making fans smile. That will likely continue with a new song and music video. Jordan collaborated with Blanco Brown and LOCASH on “Let It Slide.” The song (sort of) pays tribute to the recently departed rapper, Coolio. Coolio died just a few weeks ago, on September 28. The song uses the “slide, slide, slippity slide” chorus from his first big hit, “Fantasic Voyage,” from his 1994 debut album, It Takes A Thief. That song borrowed the chorus from a 1980 song also called “Fantastic Voyage,” by Lakeside.

The “Let It Slide” video heavily references the classic 1998 film, The Big Lebowski. Like much of that movie, the video is shot in a bowling alley. LOCASH’s Chris Lucas is dressed as Jeff Bridges’ character Jeffrey Lebowski, while Preston Brust is channeling John Goodman’s character, Walter Sobchak. Leslie might be playing Donnie, played by Steve Buscemi in the film.  Blanco Brown, meanwhile, is playing John Turturro’s Jesus Quinana (who somehow got his own spinoff film, 2020’s The Jesus Rolls). He has the hairnet, the purple uniform, and yes, he licks the bowling ball.

Jordan doesn’t just cameo in the video – he kicks the song off, and he drops a rap in the middle. There’s a lot of line dancing in the video, which may be a throwback to Lakeside’s “Fantastic Voyage” video, where the group do their own line dance.

The video is prefaced by a message from Leslie’s sister, Cricket Jordan: “Leslie brought love and light and countless acts of joy into a sometimes dark world. As Leslie’s sister, I wanted to share this song and video not only as a tribute to his life, but as a final gift to all of us. Thank you Leslie for sharing with us the gift of your life and your love.”

Watch the “Let It Slide” video below.

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