Carrie Underwood is one of music’s biggest superstars, but she likes to keep her family life simple for her husband and two young sons Isaiah and Jacob. However, her oldest son Isaiah is on to the fact that mom is quite famous.

Carrie recently told The Today Show, “I feel like Isaiah, who’s seven and a half, he’s becoming more aware that it’s not normal. He’ll go to school, and someone will be like, ‘I saw your mom on TV last night.’ He’s just becoming more aware that his mom does something that’s not normal.”

Her boys Isaiah, and Jacob, who is now three, did join their mom when her “Denim & Rhinestones Tour” kicked off in mid-October for the first show, but unlike tours of the past, the boys and her husband will not be joining her on the road for the long tour. She noted, “They’ll be out to visit. This tour, I’m going home a lot more than I ever have before. If there’s a way to get me home, even if it’s just for the day.”

Underwood did say that the kids will join her on tour when they’re not in school, and she will fly to them when she has a day off.

Carrie boys were in the audience at their mom's first “Denim & Rhinestones Tour” show when it kicked off on October 15 in South Carolina.

At the time, she posted a video clip of her son Isaiah in the crowd sitting on dad’s lap and waving to his mom while she sang in the air hanging from a swing. As she passes her son by, you can hear Isaiah yelling, “Mommy.” She captioned the Instagram post, “My sweet boys came to see their mommy’s first show! Jakey caught a few songs, at least, before he drifted off to dreamland…” She wrote over the clip, “One was blowing me kisses… one was sleeping soundly…”

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