Luke Combs shared a first for himself on stage and a first for a happy couple in his audience at a recent concert in Lousiville, Kentucky. He revealed what the sex of the baby the couple is expecting was in front of his crowd.

Luke, who read a couple’s sign they held up asking for his help in revealing the baby’s sex, took the sign and the sealed envelope that was attached and asked his band members, “Rob, what do you think it is?” and he said, “I think we’re gonna go, boy.” Combs then turned to another band member, saying, “Dustin, what do you think it is?” The guitar player said, “I’m gonna go, girl.”

Luke noted, “Okay, one boy and one girl.” He then looked at the couple in the crowd in front of the stage and said, “I’m nervous; I bet you guys are nervous too.” He then pointed to the couple, revealing, “You’ll be having your first son.”

Combs posted the exchange and concert moment on his Instagram, writing, “This was a first… Congrats y’all! #lukecombs.”

Fans loved the post, with one asking, “Luke, why did you have to make me cry on a Tuesday night?” Another fan said, “Well, there’s a new song idea. ‘First son.'” One more fan commented, “I was at this concert when you read this…. Best concert ever!!!!”


Luke is himself a new dad as he and his wife recently took their four-month-old son, Tex, along for a golfing trip near Nashville and snapped a few photos of the couple and the baby in a golf cart.

His wife Nicole shared the photos on her Insta stories and a post on Instagram. She captioned them, “Country clubbin @ the blue otter golf tourney.”

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