Luke Combs has a new song out called “Going, Going, Gone,” and he has had the song on his mind for quite a while.

Luke told us, “‘Going, Going, Gone,’ I wrote with James McNair and Ray Fulcher. I had honestly had that title on my phone for a really, really long time. And I just loved that riff so much. We were sitting there in the basement in Montana. And, you know, I just was messing around with the guitar. And this same thing happened when we wrote ‘What Memories Are Made Of on This One’s For You.'”

He continued, “It was like, we were in this weird tuning back then. And I came up with this riff that turned into ‘What Memories Are Made Of.’ Same thing happened with this one. We’re sitting there; we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to write. And we had decided we were going to write going on. And as we sat there trying to come up with stuff, I was just playing this riff and the riff really became the focal point of the song for me.”

Combs added, “I’ve always loved Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car,’ and no way is this song even close to as good as that one. But I’ve always loved how that riff immediately, you know, the second it gets played, you know what song it is, and you love it. And I think I wanted to try to kind of, you know, create something that was my own version of that. This is my first time playing guitar on the album. I was super nervous to do that. Somehow I got it done. Shout out to Chip and Jonathan for helping me through that one. But this one’s really great. And one of my favorite songs, melodically and musically, that we did on the whole record.”

Chapman’s “Fast Car” won a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1989.

The chorus of the song includes the lyrics, “Like a runaway Southbound train / Like an Arizona desert rain / Like lightning in the sky / Like fireworks in July / Like a left field homerun ball / Like a whiskey shot at last call / It’s like she was made for moving on / That girl is going, going, gone.”

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