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College wrestler mauled after saving teammate from grizzly bear.   What an incredible story from four college students.  They are lucky to be alive after an afternoon hike in the mountains near the Montana border and Yellowstone National Park.

Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry,  wrestlers from Northwest College, went hiking with two of their teammates and a grizzly bear surprised them out of the trees and attacked one of the guys.

In the report from the Desert News, he said the bear grabbed hold of Lowry’s arm and was biting his back, butt and  shoulder.   Cummings attempted to distract the bear by throwing things and yelling, then tried to pull the bear away from his teammate.  Then the bear turned its focus on Kendell.

Kendell describes the attack how the bear knocked him to the ground and pushed him up to a tree where he was pinned and started attacking him. The bear eventually released him and walked away, but only to circle back for another attack.

The bear then bit down on his head.  Cummings said he could hear the bears’ teeth hitting his skull and feel his bones crunch.

Then, the bear walked away again and he was gone.

First of all, when you read this story you can’t imagine that there would be survivors.  The courage and strength these boys had is amazing.  Cummings could have run and saved himself.  Instead, he chose to help his friend.

Brady was able to call 911 after reaching a higher point for cell reception and they connected back with their friends and were able to get down the mountain and meet up with search and rescue.

Emergency responders flew Cummings to Billings Clinic Hospital in Montana.  He then underwent multiple surgeries to treat lacerations to his head and face. Lowry, who was transported to a hospital via ambulance, suffered a compound fracture of his left arm.  Both of the boys will make a full recovery.



What Happens To The Bear Now

Wyoming wildlife officials said that they would not attempt to locate, capture or kill the bear because it was a surprise attack and that it would be difficult to identify the bear with several other grizzly bears in the area.

Tampa Is One Of The Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Money.com has released their annual ranking of the top places to live in the United States. Tampa is in the Top 10 and two other Florida cities are in the Top 50. The ranking looks at “economic opportunities, quality of life, diversity, and where the best futures lie.”

Tampa is in the Top 10, but Altamonte Springs comes in #33 on the list. Sarasota is also on the list at #43.

Find out below where in the Top 10 Tampa falls on the best places to live in the U.S.


  • 1 - Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta has a population of 487,560 in the city, but 5.1 million in the metro area. The median home price is $394,492 and the median household income is $82,859.

  • 2 - Tempe, AZ

    According to Money.com, “Home to Arizona State University, Tempe made our list for its active arts and culture scene, relative affordability and myriad employment opportunities in education, finance, health care and tech.”

  • 3 - Kirkland, WA

    Located a little northeast of Downtown Seattle it comes in #3 on the list. Here is a fun fact…Costco’s “Kirkland Signature” brand is named after the city. Costco’s former headquarters were located in Kirkland.

  • 4 - Raleigh, NC

    Raleigh has a population of 460,673. They also have a median home price of $411,400 and a household income of $78,858.

  • 5 - Rogers Park (Chicago), IL

    Money.com says, “Rogers Park is known as the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago, which itself is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and the result is truly something special.

  • 6 - Columbia, MD

    The website says about Columbia, MD, “The town was unveiled in 1967 by developer James W. Rouse, who set out to plan a community built on the principle that neighborhoods should be places with a capacity for “joyous living.’”

  • 7 - Somerville, MA

    Somerville, is located just to the northwest of downtown Boston. They have a population of 80,884. They also have a median home price of $818,437 and a household income of $104,613.

  • 8- Ann Arbor, MI

    Home to the University of Michigan and it has a population of 122,000.

  • 9 - Tampa, FL

    Money.com says about Tampa, “Tampa is a rare combination of action-packed and affordable: The median home sale price is about $381,000, one of the lowest on our list, and you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. There’s nightlife galore in the Ybor City district. Tampa’s 20- and 30-somethings also flock to spots like Angry Chair Brewing, which serves its famous stouts alongside kitchen faves like pickle dip, and Taco Bus, which was dishing burritos out of its yellow school bus way before food trucks were cool.”

  • 10 - Jersey City, NJ

    Located across the Hudson River from New York City. They have a population of 283,496. They also have a median home price of $605,831 and a household income of $92,183.