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Raymond James Stadium

Have you seen the new video for the song Beer With My Friends?   Raymond James Stadium is featured in the new Kenny Chesney video.

Along with other concert footage we were excited that he used clips from his concert at Ray Jay.  Both Kenny Chesney and Old Dominion performed that day.  The Hear and Now tour kicked off at Raymond James Stadium on April 23rd.  Kenny loves Tampa and loves kicking off his tours at Raymond James Stadium.

Check out the new video below.

Kenny Chesney and the guys from Old Dominion dates back to when Old Dominion members Brad Tursi and Matthew Ramsey wrote Chesney’s 2014 hit “Save It for a Rainy Day.” The guys have been frequent concert openers for Chesney, including this last tour, the Here And Now 2022 Tour.

In the new song “Beer With My Friends,” they celebrate their longtime friendship.   According to songfacts.com Kenny said “It is an ode to unwinding at a bar after a hard day’s work with your favorite people. “We’ve all been there, It doesn’t matter if it’s four years or yesterday, there’s nothing like hitting that local bar with your friends. That’s what this whole tour has felt like – every city, every face, every song – as we’ve taken it back out to No Shoes Nation”

Beer With My Friends, was co-written by David Lee Murphy, Shy Carter, and Bryan Simpson.  Shy released it as a single in collaboration with David Murphy and Cole Swindell in 2021.

Raymond James Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium.   It opened in 1998 and is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the University of South Florida Bulls college football program.

The Cheapest States To Live In

Florida is not one of the cheapest states to live in. There are some states that have a reasonable cost of living. A website by the name of financer.com did a study to find which states are the cheapest to live in.

The average cost of living takes food, shelter, clothing, utilities, transport, healthcare, public education, and taxes into consideration. They have a cost of living index and the average is 100. Any state that below 100 is below the national average for the cost of living.

They say of their website, “Smaller cities or towns can still offer an excellent education, healthcare, and community spirit, along with an increase in your quality of living. Less traffic, more clean air, cheaper housing, and even fewer taxes in some states are a drawcard. Living in a state where there is a lower living wage will allow more of your income to become available for investment. Over time this will enable you to gain more financial freedom and build financial peace.”

Check out the cheapest states to live in below.