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Don’t Be Too Rough On The $650 Million Dollar Brady Bunch. Yep. It’s easy to make jokes and make light of a divorce between two very wealthy and famous people. But many of us have been there.  A divorce will forever change your heart and mind. For some, having no kids, and no money makes it, dare I say, easier?  Now let’s add three children and a combined net worth of approximately $650 million dollars to the mix.
What would normally be a private and painful experience is now playing out in public. Every negative word you say about the mother of your children is plastered across the web, each writer putting his own spin on your comments. Next thing you know, your kids don’t know what to believe. That’s why some of us feel terribly for Tom and Gisele. Let’s face it.  They are both very career-driven. That’s how they’ve risen to this point. But careers can end marriages.
Word came this week that the Brady’s have both retained attorneys for an impending divorce. Inside sources say the marriage is irrevocably broken. Those same sources say both parties have been seeking out divorce attorneys for weeks. The signs have been popping up for a while now. Rumors started when Tom announced he would play for another season with the Bucs, a decision reportedly made by Brady without asking his wife. Then there’s the sudden 11-day vacation Tom took a few weeks ago. Recent stories about the couple living apart have persisted for weeks now. The couple has been together since 2009. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers take on the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium this Sunday.  I wish the best for the Brady Bunch. Source: