Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman are quite famous all over the world. But the couple and their daughters Sunday and Faith, who are 14 and 11, don’t let that stop them from living a reasonably normal life and experiencing outings in public. Keith recently said he brought his daughters along for his tour this summer, and in between shows, they took in an aquarium or two. And no, they didn’t get mobbed.

Urban told us his trick to hanging out in public, “I stick a ball cap on and just blend in, blend right in most places, you know. Yeah, my experience generally is that people are pretty good, they may want to get a picture or something, and you give that, and people move on. People are cool. I don’t really have much trouble with all of that.”

Keith did say that he and Nicole have a rule of thumb when fans approach the couple, and they are with their two daughters. He shared, “We just really from the beginning if we are with our kids, we don’t really take a photo with anybody.”

He explains, “It’s really more to do with, you know, we are parents first and foremost at that moment, and we hope that people understand that too. Especially when you’ve got tiny little kids, you turn your back for one moment to take a picture with someone and then who’s taking care of your kids. You just have to prioritize them. I always say to people, ‘I’m with our kids today. I’m sorry, any other time, yeah, but I can’t today.'”

Keith adds, “I’ve never had anybody get upset with that, ever.”

Now that the girls are back in school, Urban admits that he doesn’t actually make the girl’s school lunches or fix their hair in the morning. Still, he and Nicole are normal parents. “We are regular in the sense that we are all up and about, we have breakfast in the morning as a family, we get the kids out to school, we take them to school. One of us usually picks them up in the afternoon; it’s all pretty normal stuff. Even if I’m touring, I’m able to get ’em, take ’em home, and then head off to the gig. That happens a lot which is great, and be there the next morning because I come home after the night.”

He concludes, “I am making the most of this time because it goes by so quick.”

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