Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, posted a photo of the couple’s 7-year-old son Isaiah holding a rifle on Instagram and going hunting with his dad.

Mike captioned the image, “A few days late, but Saturday was #nationalhuntingandfishingday, so Izzy and I got out in the woods! I have some great memories as a kid hunting with my dad, and I’m grateful he passed it down to me. I know not everyone likes to hunt, but the more we can get ourselves and our kids outside in God’s creation, the better!”

Many fans have reacted to the post, some in favor of the hunt and others not so much. One fan commented, “Your family is awesome. I’m hoping someday Carrie will pull an Aldean and publicly embrace y’all’s conservative values.” Another fan who wasn’t so big on hunting wrote, “Sad teaching kid to kill!”

Most fans were supportive of the post, with one gushing, “Hunting is biblical, and it’s awesome to take kids hunting!!” Another die hard said, “Prefer to see a kid learning to hunt than playing video games or on a phone.”

One follower was mixed, writing, “Not a fan of hunting but a big fan of spending time with kids passing on tradition, making memories and sharing memories.” One more fan said of Mike’s post, “I agree 100%! Hunting wild game is a sport many enjoy! Boys and outdoors is just fun!”

Just a couple of weeks ago, Carrie herself was the one behind a gun, shooting a pistol and her husband posted a video clip. Mike posted a video clip of her wearing black leather and denim mini shirt and black high heels and shooting a pistol with headphones on; she shoots the gun a total of five times at an unshown target.

Fisher captioned the video clip, “When @carrieunderwood wants to practice as part of our date night, you never say no:) #sharpshooter.”

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