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Who do you know that keeps a stash of cash in at home? Lots of people do. If there is a storm, or other stuff that causes power loss in our area, how can we buy anything? The answer will be, Cash Only. Do you have cash stored at your home? You’re not alone. According to this new  survey , 51% of respondents say they have money stored in their home. Of those, the average amount is about $1,000. 58% said they keep a stash of cash at home in case of an emergency. How about you? And who carries cash anymore? Well, my wife does. And she gives me a small “cash” allowance so I don’t get stuck somewhere. Haaaa. Do you carry cash? Are you ever in a cash only situation?  The survey also found that 55% said they were more likely to pay with cash money if they had it on them.

  • Why carry cash? Even in the rare case where you can’t use a card, you can use Venmo or Zelle.
  • You can’t even use cash in some places – like at sporting events, on planes or even in some restaurants.
  • I hate it when I drive by a kid’s lemonade stand and have to say I don’t have any cash on me.