Blake Shelton appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week to promote the premiere of NBC’s The Voice, and the two friends had some fun with words and a song.

In introducing Blake, Kelly had a hard time having a straight face with his statistics with her The Voice rival as she said, “He’s charted 28 number one singles, whatever, it’s like a fake number (laughs), and won ten CMA Awards. He’s so great.” She added of his Voice competiton this year, “[He’s] Not losing to me ’cause I’m not there. But if I was, well.”

Blake came out and quipped, “This is the only show that I watch. I mean, I watch the hell out of this show; I do.” Clarkson then says his deal having his line of Land’s End clothes is cool, to which he replies, “Yeah, but I’m not. They probably thought Blake’s the guy we want to do some clothes for probably because they felt sorry for me. You know what I’m saying? They’re like, Oh, we can make him look better. So, that’s what we did; they are like, ‘Hey, we can get you some decent clothes, and we’ll work together on this.'” Shelton tells the audience, “Now, I have something different on for the first time in ten years.” Kelly says, “Yeah, not just straight-up jeans. You’re looking sharp.”

The subject then focuses on The Voice as Clarkson asks, “So how are things at The Voice? I know you miss me.” Blake jokes, “Oh my God, so bad.” He says new host Camilla Cabello has done a great job, but “nobody’s you. Let’s just say there is only one Kelly Clarkson.” Kelly says, “Good start.” Shelton adds, “But, there is one person we have found that can talk as much as you, and that’s Camilla. There’s no way you guys could be on the same season with each other ever.” Clarkson agrees, “It would have to be a different kind of show. She’s passionate, she likes talking, and she’s real into it. I love her, though, for the show. I think it’s really cool.”

Blake then jabs his buddy, “Although unlike you, when she talks, she makes sense. When you do your spiel, you know how you lose track by the time you’re in your paragraph, you don’t even know what you started out saying.” Kelly shakes her head, “No, I am very prolific.”

The two then get into a song together as s stage hand brings Shelton his guitar; Clarkson says, “I asked you to bring your guitar because I wanted you to play some songs. Let’s start with your first number one, ‘Austin,’ I love ‘Austin.’ Can I tell you why I love ‘Austin,’ it’s really about me this interview. I love ‘Austin’ because it’s such a quintessential country song, and why I fell in love with it, that turn around at the end. It’s such a great turnaround, and I love storytelling like that.”

Blake agrees, “I had a killer mullet back then too. You loved my mullet, didn’t you? Talk about it.” Kelly says, “I am from Texas, and I grew up with people with mullets. I do not like them now; I did not like them then. I wasn’t into mullets. I do like long hair; I just prefer it all to be longer.”

She and Clarkson then sing “Austin” together.

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