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How bout you Tampa Bay? Most Say They Can Not Go 1 Day Without Coffee. I tried it once. Going without coffee. Not a fan. And I was only 10 then. How often do you drink coffee? 75% of coffee drinkers say they can’t go a day without coffee. Actually, what’s shocking is that it’s not a higher percentage than that. I usually go through only one or sometimes maybe two cups a morning, but there was a time when I would down an entire pot when doing morning radio. They called me “Zippy” LOL. This survey also found that the average coffee drinker has two cups a day and takes about 20 minutes to finish each cup. And this is interesting … 61% said when they drink coffee it is not as enjoyable to them if they’re stressed. So, at work? Here are the best and worst places to have coffee, according to the survey:

Best Place to Enjoy Coffee:

  1. At home — 33%
  2. While reading a book — 17%
  3. On a balcony/porch/patio — 17%
  4. While watching the news — 16%
  5. At a café — 16%

The Worst Places to Have Coffee:

  1. While commuting — 17%
  2. While doing laundry – -17%
  3. While exercising — 16%
  4. While cooking — 16%
  5. While on the phone — 16%

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