Coming To A Burger King Near You Tampa Bay The Everything Whopper.  The mix of salt, pepper, seeds and other flavors used on everything bagels has made its way to chips and other junk. And, hey is also sold as a standalone spice. Now, the “everything” is now at Burger King. Or, at least they are trying it out. Truth told: I make excellent “Everything Chicken Wings” on the grill. Yep. I did that. They were great. Are you listening Wing House and Hooters? The fast-food giant is debuting a new brioche bun coated in everything bagel seasoning at locations in Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico. These new buns can be used for a Whopper, a Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich or any breakfast sandwich. If the Everything Whopper test run goes well, it could be in Tampa Bay and at all locations next year.


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