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Tampa 3-year old battling cancer gets surprise flight of his life.   This was our feel good story of the day.

We love hearing these great stories about people in our community going above and beyond for kids who are having a tough time.  This is about 3 year old Ezra Richards.  Ezra has cancer.  It’s called Hepatoblastoma, and it’s a rare cancerous tumor that starts in the liver.

Since being at his oncologist appointments, Ezra has become fascinated with airplanes and helicopters.  When he can get out of bed, he runs to the window to watch all the planes coming in and out as his window faces where the life flights land and take off.

A Jacksonville Piolt Heard About Ezra And Stepped Up For Surprise

Well…Nick Henderson who is a pilot in Jacksonville heard about Ezra and wanted to surprise him.  This  Tampa 3-year old batting cancer gets surprise flight of his life.  According to WFLA.com, Pilot Nick Henderson flew to meet Ezra and present him with pilot wings, a log book and his own pilot shirt.  Then, he took Ezra on a flight over Tampa Bay, the Skyway Bridge and down towards Sarasota.

This one day for Ezra will always be a special time for him and what a great thing for Captain Nick to do!  You just never know what small gesture you can do that can make a child’s day.  Something that will last a lifetime and uplift them as they are going through something tough.


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