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Dog and sea lion playing fetch at beach.  This video has gone viral of the two of them playing together.  The video was recorded over the weekend on a beach in Santa Cruz.   It shows a man playing fetch with his dog when a curious sea lion pops up and joined in.

First you see the dog, who’s name is Moe, chasing after the ball in the beach waves.  Then, a sea lion swims up to the beach to see what was going on.  Moe sniffs him out and then the sea lion gives some loving barks back signaling to the dog he wants to play.  Moe never barkes back as if he was scared or worried about the sea lion.

The story reported by NBC5, says Dave Nelson, who is the dogs owner, grabs his phone and started filming.  Meanwhile,  both of them are waiting for Dave to throw the ball into the water.   Both the dog and sea lion swim hard and fast to recover the ball playing together.  The dog and sea lion playing fetch at the beach has now gone viral.

Moe made it to the ball first and returned it to his owner.  The sea lion waits patiently in the water for the next throw.  The two continue to play in the water chasing the ball as Dave is in disbelief that this is happening.

You can see the video HERE



This isn’t the first time this has happened.  When searching videos on Youtube, there have been many videos shared of other encounters where dogs and sea lions happily play together.  Sea lions and dolphins have been recorded playing with dogs on many occasions as the two have no issues with each other according to some articles.



Two Florida Cities Named Best For Dating With Your Dog

Where is the best place to date with your dog?  Well according to Yahoo, there are two cities right here in Tampa Bay area that made the top 10 list!

The report looked at things like:  dog ownership, number of singles, number of pet-friendly dating spots, and the cost of a date.  They also looked at environmental factors like the number of sunny days, hiking trails and rainfall.

Topping the list as the Best City for Dog-Loving Singles went to:  Charleston, thanks to having a large number of pet-friendly restaurants, breweries, beaches, and dog parks per capita.

But, the two cities in the area that made the list were Tampa at #7 and Sarasota at #10.




  • 1. Charleston, SC

    Couple on beach with dog

  • 2. San Francisco, CA

  • 3. Greenville, SC

    Greenville South Carolina falls park waterfall golden hour

  • Boisie, ID

  • Portland, OR

    Portland Skyline Along Willamette River

  • Denver, CO

  • 7. Tampa, FL

    Pirate Dog

    Pirate Dog at gasparilla

  • 8. St. Louis, MO

  • 9. Albuquerque, NM

  • 10. Sarasota, FL

    Sunset by the bay