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A bull gets loose at the Florida State Fairgrounds and it had people running away from it. Luckily no one was hurt, but the video of the incident is wild.

Firstly, the bull had just been loaded into a chute at the Fairgrounds when it broke through the side. Afterwards, it then started running around towards the people in the stands. Then someone on the loud speaker is asking for people to stay calm and eventually a handler on horseback was able to rope the bull.

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Additionally, the incident was captured on video by Christopher Thornton who was attending his first rodeo. Here’s what he says about the incident afterwards, “Everyone was rushing, the parents were grabbing their kids. People were jumping over the chairs. The first thing in my head said to record it. I couldn’t believe this was happening at my first rodeo!”

Thank goodness no one was hurt when a bull gets loose at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Check out the video of the incident at the Fairgrounds below.

Three Florida Cities Named Best Cities For Dog Lovers

I would think that Tampa/St. Pete would make it on a list like this.  The Best Cities For Dog Lovers.

There are so many fun things to do with your pet in this area.  Beaches, great walking areas, dog parks, lots of dog friendly restaurants too.

Well, guess what? It made the list!  LawnStarter just came out with the list and  Tampa is  number 7 on the list!   Other Florida city, Miami, FL was number 2, but Orlando, FL was named the top city for dog lovers!!

They looked at 24 factors including dog events, dog-friendly restaurants, pet caretakers, boarding options and pet stores.

Here is the list in order

  • 1. Orlando, FL

    Orlando tops list with overall score of 50.908 for best services, pet caretakers, boarding and most dog groomers

    Walt Disney World Resort Reopening

  • 2. Miami, Fl

    Miami is #2 on the list.

    Three dogs running at the beach in a straight line, all are air borne, the front dog is showing his teeth in a cruel way and looks dangerous. Wild animal hunting for prey.

  • 3. Las Vegas, NV

    Dog in casino

  • 4. San Diego, CA

    Aerial photo of the San Diego waterfront on an overcast day

  • 5. Austin, TX

    Puppy with his toy saucer

  • 6. Los Angeles, CA

    Jack Russell Terrier dog sitting under palm trees

  • 7. Tampa, FL

    Tampa is #7 on the list for Best Cities for dog lovers!
    J.R. and Petey

  • 8. Seattle, WA

    Seattle Skyline from West Seattle

  • 9. Fort Collins, CO

    Beautiful Blue Heeler Australian Cattle dog sitting in a rock overlooking a desert valley near Grand Junction and Fruita Colorado.

  • 10. Portland, OR

    Boy plays in the water with dog