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Fly Supersonic To London In 5 Hours? Wanna go to London? You could hop on a jet from Miami today and arrive there about 9 1/2 hours from takeoff. It’s a formidable flight for sure. If American Airlines gets its way, you’ll soon have an option that’s much faster. How would you like to traverse 4,426 miles in 5 hours? Looking eerily like an updated version of the ill-fated Concorde, the brand new Boom supersonic jets have been ordered and are on their way to American Airlines. One of the new jets will be used to fly passengers from Miami to London at a previously unheard of rate of speed. Supersonic aircraft have been around for years, making shuttle flights between London and Miami for years, but they were cancelled due to high costs and a terrible crash just after takeoff.
Blake Scholl, CEO of Boom, says the jets will debut in 2029 and will charge approximately $4,000 to $5,000 for a flight. He also says a flight from new York to London will take only 3 1/2 hours. Other flights will be much faster, too. Los Angeles to Honolulu flights will take only 3 hours. The new jets will travel at 1,300 mph, compared to the typical 500 mph speed of today’s passenger jets. Each flight will carry 65 to 80 passengers. The supersonic jets were designed and will be built in America, the first of which will be manufactured in North Carolina. The jets will sell for about $200,000,000 each. Source: