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When you think of a romantic road trip with your wife many beautiful destinations come to mind. Florida’s beautiful beaches, Disney World, or the Panhandle might make for a great getaway. Not for Kenny. The Brooksville man called us on his way to snake hunt. Not just any snake hunt but the Florida’s Python Challenge. This morning at 8am thousands of “Snake Hunters” descended on the Florida Everglades to hunt the invasive Burmese Python.

The challenge was created to help control the Burmese Python population in the everglades. The contest goes from August 5th to August 14th and can actually earn you some good money. The hunter who captures the largest python will win $1500. The $2500 prize is for the hunter who kills the most pythons.  To be clear none of Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe will be or want to be apart of this contest. It is important to note that if you are interested in partaking in Florida’s Python Challenge you need to register first.

After learning that today was the start date to this unusual event it sparked quite the conversation with us all. J.R. said “This is so Florida and I love it” while Launa was a little more freaked out. It didn’t help that she started watching python hunts on YouTube. This discussion got even better when we got a call from one of the contest participants. The Brooksville man called us on his way to snake hunt with his wife. He told us that even though there is prize money up for grabs that is not why he does it. He claimed his personal best was a python that measured 10.2 feet and even has the skins in his home to prove it. Now that is decor! Kenny definitely was the call of the day and had us rolling. Check out the video below.





Songs Launa Can't Stop Listening To

There are a bunch of really good songs out right now!  One of the reasons I got into this business, is because I love music…and ok, I wanted good seats at concerts too!

One of the perks about my job is that I get to listen to new music before it is released.  And I’ve heard some really good stuff coming.

Today (Friday 8/5) we have a ton of new music out so if you’re looking for some new music –

Travis Denning has a new EP out called “Might As Well Be Me”, Michael Ray releases The Warehouse Sessions and Dylan Scott releases “Livin My Best Life” (his second album) and “Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson is out with artists like Luke Combs, Eric Church, Ashley McBryde and Brothers Osborne all singing cover songs.

But I want to share with you my top 5 favorite songs we are playing right now – in this order.

  • Nate Smith - Whiskey on You

    This is probably my favorite, I actually won the Thursday Three both days we played. This song beat out Sam Hunt and Morgan Wallen.
    Nate is a new country artist to QYK, and what a song he introduced himself with. Another song about drinking to get over an ex, but this time, he’s tired of wasting another drop of Whiskey on you. It rocks and I love the more upbeat rock songs….so check this out:

  • Jelly Roll - Son Of A Sinner

    First time I heard this song, I was like….wow…this is good.  Jelly Roll is not new to the biz, but he is new to country.  He had a number one song on the rock charts when Son of A Sinner was just getting played on country radio.  This song is autobiographical for him as he has struggled with substance abuse and says its a still a daily struggle to get through.   Well written (his buddy Ernest helped him write this one) and it’s another one of my favorites.

    We got a chance to talk with Jelly Roll and we learned so much about him

    Jelly Roll Gets Strong Endorsement From Country Superstar

  • Sam Hunt - Water Under The Bridge

    I mean…c’mon, it’s Sam Hunt!  I’ve been a fan of his since he came out and this new song “Water Under The Bridge” and of course we just found out that Sam will be replacing Lady A at this years Pig Jig on October 22nd at Julian B. Lane Park in Tampa!  Check out Sam’s shirt in this video, the place that sells these shirt to help turtles is getting flooded with calls and is now getting more money for the program which is awesome.  Check out Sea Turtle, Inc to get one.

  • Jordan Davis - What My World Spins Around

    This is probably my favorite Jordan Davis song – he just released this one a few months ago and I love how upbeat and positive it is.   Jordan’s world spins around his wife Kristen who he married in 2017 – he’s gotten a lot a great songs from being with her….so Thanks Kristen!

  • Mitchell Tenpenny - Truth About You

    I’ve loved Mitchell since he was introduced to country radio back in 2017 – His first album –  Telling All My Secrets, I listened to over and over again.  He has such a unique voice and he is fun to see live – he has a big fan base that like me, know every song he sings.