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Another great addition of the 7:15 Second Date Update was thanks to Jamie and Steve. Jamie told us about one of Steve’s hobbies and it is a creepy thing to talk about on a date. They decided that they would visit the amazing Bernini restaurant in Ybor City.

Steve reached out to us today about his date with Jamie. He stressed that he is familiar with our 7:15 Second Date Update and that he is not our typical guy. “I know you have some crazy people on here” he Steve but was adamant that he did not fall into that category. He told us that nothing out of the ordinary happened on the date. No drama, no exes, and no weird job was talking about.

When we got Jamie on the phone she that Steve was a nice guy but they probably weren’t a match. It was not so much anything Steve did but more about what he was in to. For example Jamie claimed that Steve was an obsessed murder show fan. Right off the bat we could see that it was probably a creepy thing to talk about on a date. According to Jamie, Steve was very detailed in his explanation of the content on the podcasts and shows that he loves. Jamie said that it was the only thing he could talk about. Oh and real quick referring to a homicide is not the best ice breaker.

Steve responded to Jamie’s story with very little argument. His thought was that they were talking about things that they enjoy and these are real things happening in the World. Now it should be said that some of the “True Crime” type podcasts and shows are some of the most popular in America. Would it be a deal breaker for Jamie who said that outside of being a little freaked out Steve was a good guy? Jamie let’s know in the video below.





What Are The Most Popular Restaurants In Ybor City

There are many restaurants in Ybor City, but what is the most popular one? Ybor City is losing one restaurant because they are closing after 93 years of business. That restaurant is Tony’s Ybor City Restaurant on 22nd St. The owner of the restaurant talked about why he is closing the restaurant, “Some people are gonna wonder why. It’s just time.” He has been thinking about closing the restaurant for about a year, but now it will close on September 2nd.

What is the most popular restaurant in Ybor City?

  • Columbia Restaurant

    It opened in Ybor City in 1905 in the same location it is in now. It’s Florida’s Oldest Restaurant and the world’s largest Spanish restaurant. They have Flamenco dinner shows on Tuesday through Saturday.

  • The Barterhouse Ybor

    This is a newer resturant as it only opened in 2018, but it is already making waves. It is located on 15th St in Ybor City. The say on their website, “You’ll find the fare at Barterhouse to be an honest homage to the local farmers market. It graciously speaks to an enriched way of life prior to planes, trains and automobiles. The cocktail menu is equally as committed to the swanky traditions that once-ignited iconic 1940’s bars. All brought to life through details that capture the rich history of Ybor City.”

  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company

    Located on 8th Ave. they have a brewhouse and 24 constantly rotating taps. They also have a full service kitchen specializing in beer-infused food and a large outdoor patio and bar.

    TBBC release new beers every week and they have live music on Friday nights.

  • La Terrazza Ristorante Italiano

    Located on 7th Ave. and located in Ybor City since 1996. On their website it says, “Perfectly mastered Northern Italian classics from the Emilia Romagna region paired with it’s friendly and unpretentious atmosphere exudes an aura of dining in Italy.”

  • Casa Santo Stefano

    It is located on 22nd St. and is owned by the Gonzmart Family who also own the Columbia. Richard Gonzmart says of the restaurant “Housed In A Former 1925 Ybor City Macaroni Factory, Casa Santo Stefano Pays Fond Tribute To The Sicilian Food I Ate Every Sunday With My Best Friend Vincent Palori.”