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One of the funniest Ring Camera videos out there came from our very own Launa. The video shows Launa vacuuming her screened in porch when she spots a snake. Her reaction is priceless as she jumps and then pleads with her dog Louie to “Stay away from there.” Let’s just say she is not the coolest person under pressure. (Video Below) Now as great as that moment was things took a serious when we found out that Launa’s snake problem just got worse.

When Launa first encountered the snakes, that we believe to be Northern Black Racers , she was obviously overwhelmed and surprised. She also thought that this was probably just a fluke accident and she would just have to be more careful about closing the patio door. However that may not be the case. Our boss at 995 QYK has also had a startling run in with a snake on his back patio. Much like Launa he was cleaning his back porch when the snake emerged from under some furniture. After he had an expert come out to see if his home was at risk for being on top of a Snake Den. The expert told him that is was good possibility since our boss had seen multiple snakes on his patio.

Now here is where we need to back the story up for a minute. We told you about Launa’s snake video, but we did leave out an important detail. In the video captured by a Ring camera on her back porch you see Launa’s react to one snake. However after a neighbor came to help remove the snake he discovered not 1 but 2 snakes. Now we have to wonder if we are dealing with an entire den. Launa’s snake problem just got worse. Maybe.  Check out the video below where J.R. and Kevin share that Launa’s snake problem just got worse.




Fun Places To Take Your Dog In Tampa

A lot of us have dogs and are always looking for fun thing to do with our pets.  We are lucky to live in the Tampa Bay area, because there are plenty of things to do and bring your four-legged friend along.  Here are just a few of some of the dog friendly activities you can find in the Tampa Bay Area.

  • Fort DeSoto's Paw Park

    Not only is there two fenced in areas for large and small dogs to play, but it’s the dog beach that is the big attraction. Your dog can run and play in the water, leash free at this park.  There is also a place for you to rinse the sand and salt water off your dog before you leave the park.

  • The Dog Bar

    The Dog Bar is located in downtown St. Petersburg. Its a combination of an off leash park and a full service bar.  If you plan on attending, bring your updated pet’s vaccinations.  They want to ensure that all of the dogs are healthy and nonaggressive in their park.

  • Shopping in Hyde Park Village

    Hyde Park Village is a great place to take your dog for some dog-friendly shopping.  There are several shops and patio restaurants, which of many allow you to bring your dog in.

  • Sparkman Wharf

    Sparkman Wharf is perfect for your dog.  Dog-Friendly restaurants with large astroturf lawn and tons of space for your dog to play.  Tons of food options and they always have some fun events going on right on the river.

    Check out the website here