These days, most country music singers and budding stars jump at the chance to meet or even be in the presence of country icon Dolly Parton. Not Ashley McBryde. As a matter of fact, Ashley avoids Parton, and there is a good reason for that: McBryde almost burned Dolly’s home to the ground.

Ashley said in a recent interview, “I caught her microwave on fire. I got this gig, they were remodeling her lake house, and my job was to stay there with her niece, who was my buddy. We were supposed to stay there and let the wallpaper guys in and out and just do that kind of thing.”

She continued, “I do take the blame for [the fire] because I’m the one who removed the on-fire microwave out of the house, but it was honestly her niece. She stuck a whole box of bagel bites in there, like, in the box and then ‘beep,’ there it goes in a freshly wallpapered room.”

While McBryde did lose her job, she did walk away with one parting gift. She offered, “I lost my job, but Dolly gave me the microwave. She knew that I was poor and didn’t have one.”

Ashley isn’t ready to face Parton, “I’ve managed to avoid saying stupid things to Dolly lately because I just walk the other direction.”

Dolly Parton Always Smiling