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Here’s a new way to look at recycling! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make your own beer can guitar! Now this is a do-it-yourself project we could actually complete.

Busch Beer is celebrating the love of Country music and beer. According to their website, Busch Light has teamed with a “legendary guitar craftsman” and come up with a step-by-step guide on how to build your very own three-string acoustic guitar. The body of this guitar is made out of Busch Light cans…empty, of course.

We’ve looked at the instructions, and the guitar doesn’t look that hard to make, plus it’s fretless! One thing had us scratching our head was that they want you to get a 30-pack of Busch Light. You only need three to build this guitar. Do they expect us to mess up a few times, build 10 guitars or drink the other 27 beers in the case while we make the guitar? Just wondering.

The completed beer can guitar actually sounds pretty good! Now we don’t expect to see anyone jamming with one of these on stage at The Amp but it could be great for a late night porch or campfire jam! Let us know if you made one of these!

[SOURCE Busch Beer]

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