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In today’s Krewe Klip of the Day we learned about the guy who tried a DIY nose job. Yep that’s right he tried a DIY nose job on himself after all money is tight these days. Although money may be I think cutting your own face open is something you want to avoid. Despite the risks he was not giving up his goal to have a more narrow nose. As a result of this he ended up in the ER. Doctors not only had to save his nose but they also had to save him from bleeding out. The good news is he is ok!

Youtube tutorials are great for a lot of things. Generally for making recipes, fixing your car, even learning that special dance for your wedding. What it is not great for is learning how to do plastic surgery at home. The insane part is he actually cut into his own face open while he was awake. Don’t worry he used an anesthetic from a vet to dull the pain which I am sure that worked like a charm right? The results for the the guy who tried a DIY Nose Job? A completely jacked up nose and a serious infection. Did I mention that he didn’t even consider wearing gloves?

After his AT home “Extreme Makeover” he stitched up the hole in his face, which is kind of impressive. He also closed the would with Super Glue. What an advertisement for Super Glue! Doctors treated his infection and sent him home with a referral to a ACTUAL surgeon and most importantly a referral to a therapist. That second one might be the first call he needs to make. We are hoping that he sticks to the children’s game Operation and stays away from his own face. Check out the whole story in the video below about the guy who tried a DIY nose job.

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