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Greg was fired up about his date with Megan when we talked to him about their dinner at  Green Lemon. We actually were pretty confident in Greg that this date went well. He told us that instead of the usual on the surface type conversations that happened on first dates their conversations were quite the opposite. They talked about career goals, future plans, and what they both were looking for.

When we hear that a conversation is very open we do like to ask if their was a topic that made the conversation a little too open that could have made the other person uncomfortable. Greg assured us that all topics were appropriate and that they even shared a kiss on the cheek at the end of the date.

We were then able to get Megan on the phone with us and she agreed the date for the most part went well. There was something though that she pointed out on the date and told us that Greg has no plans to cover this up. Megan tried to explain to Greg that this would be a problem not only for her in the future but that it would be awkward around other people if they were to continue dating. We agreed that this would definitely raise some questions in the future.

Greg did not see this as a problem but more of a jealousy issue on the part of Megan. He said he was not willing to invest the time and money in something that he considered to be a non issue. Megan continued to stress to him that this had nothing to do with jealousy but the fact remained that Greg has no plans to cover this up. Would this big a deal to you? Let us know.





What Do Tampa Bay Area Women Want?

What Do Tampa Bay Area Women Want? Sort of a loaded question, right? Who knows what women want? Even Mel Gibson had a hard time and he did the movie. Do Tampa women want more trips to the beach, and a guy with a beach body? Pinellas County women may want more of the downtown Tampa Vibe and a dude with the ole’ dad bod? Who knows? Maybe Pasco County women want a man who makes good money and can rope a horse? We do know this, – all three want kindness!

Or at least we think we know. A recent international survey was sent out to almost 70,000 women in 180 countries. Here’s what they found out about What Women Want. Check out the Top 4 below…

  • 1 Kindnesss

    The number 1 trait women look for in a partner. Good news guys, being kind often doesn’t cost a penny.

  • 2 Supportiveness

    87% of women in the survey said that was the best quality for their significant other to own. We can support that guys, right?

  • 3 Intelligence

    Almost 72% of women say they do want a highly intelligent partner.  Looks like Nerds can be cool.  Maybe a Physicist? I’m out. Unless smarty pants counts?

  • 4 Attractive Body

    Just 22% of women said a hot dude body is important. So, maybe we got a shot, right men.  Just need to hit the gym for a few months and start that intermittent fasting thing. LOL. Or are they fibbin?