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You never know what you will see at the sandbar in Florida.

J.R. took his boat out on Saturday with some friends and headed over to John’s Pass sandbar.  The place is usually busy on the weekends, lots of people bring their boats to the area and hang out and have some adult beverages.

J.R. and his friends noticed that one group of people were pushing what looked like a bird around on a boogie board.  When they got a closer look, they indeed saw a large parrot on the boogie board enjoying a ride.

Not only was the parrot enjoying being in the water, he was also jumping up on everyone’s shoulders enjoying his day on the boat.  The Parrot was also jumping in and out of the boat and playing in the water.

One thing that stood out to J.R. was that the bird also knew how to open beers with his beak!  If you grab a bottle of beer and bring it to the bird, he will open it up with his beak.  Takes him all of about 2 seconds…pretty impressive.

John’s Pass sandbar is a popular place that boaters hang out at on the weekends.  It’s located right next to John’s Pass.  A great place to take family and people visiting from out of town.  It’s a big boardwalk with all kinds of shops and restaurants.  You can also rent boats, jet ski’s and find different excursions and activities to do while in Florida.

A little fun fact about John’s Pass – it was created by a hurricane on September 27, 1848.  A pirate, named John Levique, made the first passage through the newly created pass. Hence the name, Johns Pass.

Next time you’re visiting, look out into the area known as John’s Pass Sandbar, because you never know what you will see at the sandbar in Florida on a weekend.


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