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This Tampa Bay city has come up with a clever way to remind pet owners to scoop the poop! The city of Dunedin is doing it’s part to help keep the city and waterways clean.

In this new Dunedin PSA video, you see a dog owner not picking up their dog’s poop. She suddenly sees a group dressed in kilts wielding swords and axes to a bagpipe soundtrack! The New World Celts-Dunedin chapter members remind the dog owner to scoop the poop. Not only is dog waste unsightly on the streets but it also washes into our waterways and can lead to algae blooms and fish kills.

Research done by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, estimates that about half-a-million dogs live in the Tampa Bay watershed, dropping 125 tons of waste each day. If that poop isn’t scooped, it can flush into our water. “When we get those health and safety warnings about not to swim at this beach or the water’s not safe here, that could be because of stormwater runoff from pet waste, at least in part,” said Maya Burke, Assistant Director of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.

Dunedin prides itself on being a very dog-friendly city and and is using a fun way to remind pet owners to pick up after their pups. No word yet if Dunedin will be using the New World Celts to enforce citizens scooping their dog’s poop!

Here’s the video Dunedin produced:

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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