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In our opinion, the combination of ice cream and cookies is one of the closest things to dessert perfection. That’s why this store caught our attention! Here’s where you can find Tampa Bay’s largest ice cream sandwich!

Not that far from USF‘s Tampa campus, you’ll discover Cookie Munchers. Calling the cookies they bake “large” is the understatement of the week. These cookies measure about six inches in diameter! Now if you want to make it an ice cream sandwich, get ready for your mind to be blown Tampa Bay. They add four scoops of ice cream. Yup, this is the big leagues when it comes to desserts!

Cookie Munchers started in New Jersey and opened their Tampa location a few years ago. Makes sense, it’s hot here and an ice cream sandwich, in our opinion, is a great way to beat the heat with something sweet! Oh yeah, you can just order a cookie but if given the ice cream sandwich option, why would you do that?

Cookie Munchers is located at 11842 Bruce B Downs Blvd. They are open till 3:30AM, you know just in case Tampa Bay is craving a late-night ice cream sandwich!

[SOURCE That’s So Tampa]

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