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Today’s Second Date Update can be summed up by saying ” I’m busy with the baby shower. ” Confused? Ya we are too. Sam reached out to us today about the date he had with Kayla. As we all know there are many things that can go wrong on a date but their first date actually went really well.

Sam and Kayla were even texting for a few days after their date. We were very confident that we were going to be able to help with a second date. It looked like things were heading towards a second date until she got a very interesting text message response from Sam. She asked him if he wanted to hang out on a certain day but he told her ” I’m busy with the baby shower! ” and could not hang out on the day.

Kayla was obviously a little confused but told Sam “congratulations to the new parents” . This is when we found out really why Sam said ” I’m busy with the baby shower. ” The next words out his mouth were an absolute bombshell. Kayla’s response to it was even more shocking to us. Everyone is different and looking for different things when it comes to dating but we really did not see this coming.

We know dating is tough and sometimes it can be crazy and that is why Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe is here to help. Every weekday morning at 7:15 we try and set a couple up on a Second Date. The Morning Krewe first has to find out what happened on their first date.  Some of the stories we hear are unpredictable as well as shocking. Looking for a second date and need help? Reach out to Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe to help you out! QYKSeconddateupdate@gmail.com




Top 10 Baby Names for Boys and Girls In Florida For 2022

Names.org has put together a list of the most popular baby names around the country for 2022 and broke the results down by state. Curious as to which baby names are the most popular here in Florida? They used Social Security Administration data on births and user interest on its own website. Here are the predicted top 10 names first for baby boys and girls this year.

  • Boys #10: DYLAN

    A name of Welsh origin that means “son of the sea.”

  • Girls #10: MILA

    This one comes from the Russian word for gracious.”

  • Boys #9: ETHAN

    Derived from the Hebrew word for strong.

  • Girls #9: CHARLOTTE

    The feminine version of Charles has a meaning of “free man” in French.

  • Boys #8: SEBASTIAN

    A Greek name meaning a person from the city of Sebastia which was a historic city in Turkey.

  • Girls #8: LUNA

    This one is from the Latin word for moon.

  • Boys #7: ALEXANDER

    Derived from the Greek name meaning “to defend.”

  • Girls #7: AVA

    This one has a Latin origin meaning life, bird, and water.

  • Boys #6: BENJAMIN

    Believe it or not, it’s actually becoming a popular girl’s name too in many parts of the world.

  • Girls #6: MIA

    Our first Italian name on this list. It’s said to be a short version of the name Maria.

  • Boys #5: OLIVER

    This Latin name can be for a boy or girl. It’s a variation of the name Alfihar.

  • Girls #5: AMELIA

    You don’t know how many times my spellcheck wanted me to type Amalie. I’ve done too many Lightning stories I guess.

  • Boys #4: LUCAS

    This name has been a popular one for TV and movie writers since the ’80s. Remember the Corey Haim movie?

  • Girls #4: SOPHIA

    From the Greek word meaning “wisdom.”  This one was really popular 10 years ago in the U.S.

  • Boys #3: ELIJAH

    A popular name from the Old Testament, Elijah is from Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is God.”

  • Girls #3: ISABELLA

    A variation of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God.”

  • Boys #2: NOAH

    Another popular one from the Old Testament, meaning “motion.”

  • Girls #2: OLIVIA

    This one’s always near the top of the list. It’s Latin for olive tree.

  • Boys #1: LIAM

    Meaning “resolute protection,” there have been lots of famous Liams over the past few decades. From actor Liam Neeson to musician Liam Gallagher from Oasis.

  • Girls #1: EMMA

    This one has a German origin meaning “universal.” It’s been a popular one with the royals.