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The pool party is over between Megan and Scott.

This was quite the interesting Second Date Update today between Megan and Scott.  Megan called us and said they “met at work”, decided to go out for a couple of drinks and then he came back to her place after the date.  From what it sounded like, they got “close” because he didn’t leave until super late (or early morning).

Since the date night, she hasn’t heard from him or seen him, so she wanted us to see if we could track him down.  We got him on the phone and were surprised to hear what we did.

Scott told us that they don’t work together, he cleans her pool.  They went out for some drinks, hooked up and that was it.  He’s not looking for anything more.  He was under the impression it was just a one night thing.  Megan wasn’t picking up on that at all.  She even asked him “If they were breaking up” when he said he should just give her a referral for a new pool cleaner.  The two are not going to go out again and it doesn’t sound like Scott will be cleaning her pool anymore, so for this couple the pool party is over.



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