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Our second date update: It was a smelly situation between Lawrence and Molly.

Molly was super excited about going out on another date with Lawrence.  They met at the gym and decided to go out to Oak and Ola which is right on the Riverwalk near Armature Works.  They had a nice time eating and drinking and even went for a walk on the riverwalk afterward where they shared a few kisses.

The two talked about going out on another date, even texted, however, Lawrence was gone after a few days.  Molly said he stopped contacting her and she just wanted to know what was up?

We got ahold of Lawrence and he told us that after the date, instead of thinking about Molly and the great time he had, he couldn’t get his ex wife out of his head, because Molly was wearing the same perfume as his ex wife.  It was Gucci.

It was a bad divorce between Lawrence and his ex and he didn’t want to think about it, but after the perfume smell took over his thoughts, it was all he could think about and he didn’t want to go back out with her after that.

Molly was not happy to hear this.  She couldn’t believe that this was the reason he wasn’t calling her back.

J.R. suggested that maybe she switch up her perfume and Molly said no way, not for this guy.  It’s an expensive perfume and she loves it and she wasn’t making changes for a first date guy. Lawrence said he doesn’t want to be around that smell, it’s just too much for him and a bad reminder of his divorce and he and Molly weren’t on the same page about this issue, so unfortunately, there will not be a second date.


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