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Franco Robbed Of How Much Jewelry? Won’t believe it. I remember seeing his first at bat, the home run, and his dad in the stands going bonkers. Don’t you? Well, after that he went shopping. Then, he got hurt. Wander Franco had his car robbed while on a rehab assignment. In June, Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco was recovering from an injury. His rehab assignment with the Durham Bulls, Tampa Bay’s AAA farm team, was playing in Jacksonville.

According to, Franco was driving his Rolls Royce, and it was in a hotel parking lot. Quick question. How do you “break in” to a Rolls Royce? The thief broke into the car and grabbed the safe. Inside the safe were seven pieces of jewelry that were valued at more than $650,000. The pieces included a chain of gold and diamonds with a medallion. worth $300,000. Another chain with diamonds, valued at $200,000. A couple of championship rings, another couple of pendants, and a Rolex watch. One of the pendants was a gold pendant of Jerry of the cartoon ‘Tom & Jerry’.

The alleged thief was found after his thumbprint and license were connected to him from a pawn shop. He was taken into custody on July 4, according to an ESPN report. Some of the stolen Wander Franco jewelry has been recovered. The two chains and the Rolex had still not been found. Source:

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