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Sewage Spill In Pinellas Makes For Krappy Weekend. What a krappy Weekend! A giant pipe ruptured near 53rd Avenue right down the road form me, on Duhme Road in St Pete. Not a water pipe. Oooooh. Much, much worse. The pipe runs from the neighborhoods to a nearby  wastewater treatment plant.

As thousands and thousands of gallons of raw sewage flowed in to streets, yards, and driveways – neighbors put out sand bags as fast as they could, and called their insurance companies. But, (gag) what about that smell? Ug.

Officials say they consider under 1,000 gallons to be small. So, this time, not small.  This raw sewage spill of nearly 300,000 gallons of raw sewage will keep that section of 53rd Avenue closed for the at least 2 or 3 weeks for repairs. Pinellas County wastewater treatment coordinator Kevin King said, “This is a big spill.” And again, Ewwwwww!

Source TBT


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