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Pinellas County SunRunner Bus Will Be Really Really Really Fast. SunRunner is the New rapid bus system in Pinellas County’s PSTA.

How can it go so so so fast? Well, it has it’s very own lane. SunRunner connects the most popular areas of St. Pete, St. Pete Beach and downtown St. Pete. It’s not on the road with the rest of traffic, so it won’t face the same traffic issues as regular buses. The vehicles are hybrid electric so there’s less gas used.

SunRunner will connect more potential customers with the busiest areas along its route. SunRunner also is friendly for cyclists as well as pedestrians. With vehicles arriving at stops each 15 minutes during peak travel times, workers will also be able to rely on it for daily commutes.

There are 30 planned stations on the SunRunner corridor. For the first six months of operation, it will be free to ride.  The planned start date for SunRunner is October 21, 2022. You can find the route and stations here.