Mutt Monday

Three puppies from the same litter need to find a home. Ruth, Darla and Carlton are out Mutt Monday dogs this week and they are available at Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

In the beginning of June, Pet Pal pulled a litter of eight, 2 week old puppies from Pinellas County Animal Services. After our foster pawrents bottle fed them and gave them a lot of tlc (including treating them for ringworm) they have all been adopted except Ruth, Darla and Carlton.

Come visit them when the shelter opens on Tuesday at 11am. Due to their breed, you must own your home to adopt these 9 week old Pit mixes.

Top 3 Tips For National Pet Fire Safety Day

  • Can Our Pets Start Fires?

    Our cook tops are the #1 cause when it comes to pets according to the NFPA. They can get curious or playful when a suspected treat, or cat crosses the top. Electric wires can be chewed on too. That can cause a few sparks. Yep, our sweet little Pets cause more than 1,000 fires in homes every year in the US.


     (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

  • How Do I Evacuate A Pet?

    Best way. Be prepared. Have an extra leash on or near pet carrier. We have extras in our truck. Make sure your pet is ID’d with chips and collars when possible.

    Dogs In Kennel

    (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

  • What Is A Pet Alert Sticker?

    Same as your “baby on board” but for your pets at home. Alerts any emergency personnel or others to “pets” inside. Recommended on all sides of dwelling. More than 40,000 pets die every year in house fires. Just a little heads up prevention can save pet lives too.

    Pet Alert Sticker