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NWA Wrestling Stars Nab Airport Crook At Pinellas Walmart. Great story where the (bad guys) criminal picked the wrong victim to mess with. You follow NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) wrestling? Two of their stars, Bryan Idol who wrestles as Mercurio and Natalia Markova were flying to Tampa recently.

Once they touched down in Tampa and got off their flight, Markova discovered that her purse was missing. Total Pro Sports reported that Markova double-checked to make sure her purse wasn’t left on the aircraft. (Thankfully, her phone was not in her purse.)

Idol asked a great question of Markova. He wondered if she had AirPods in the purse. She did and so they were able to use an app to track the purse. As it turned out, the thief had taken the purse and was at a Walmart in Pinellas Park.

Idol and Markova headed west away from the airport and arrived at the Walmart on the other side of the bay. As they entered the Walmart, Markova got a fraud alert from her credit card company. And there was specific information. Someone was attempting to purchase a $700 TV.

Idol scanned the store and noticed a guy who had been on their flight at the register. He went up to him and the thief tried to run, but Idol chased him and took him down According to the police report, the thief was arrested, as he confessed to stealing $600, credit cards, and AirPods.

Markova was able to recover everything. The man apologized and said he “knew it was wrong.” Markova didn’t press charges, so the man was released. And hopefully, the man will think twice before he tries to snatch another purse or any item from someone. Sounds like the NWA Wrestling Stars gave him a little street justice. He’s lucky they didn’t perform any wrestling moves on him.

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